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Jim Hall is Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks at Oxford University and Director of the Environmental Change Institute. Jim played a major role in the development of the Regional Coastal Simulator and led the development of the Tyndall Centre's Urban Integrated Assessment Facility. He now leads the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium.

Research Interests
Climate adaptation decisions.
Engineering adaptation to global change. Decision analysis. Robust decision making under uncertainty. Info-gap theory. Decision support for futures and scenarios analysis.

  • Integrated assessment of coupled human and natural systems.
    National assessment of infrastructure systems. Infrastructure systems reliability and interdependence. Integrated assessment of long term change in cities. Methodologies for uncertainty analysis in integrated assessments.
  • Uncertainty representation in modelling and risk analysis of engineering and environmental systems.
    Random set and imprecise probability theories. Sensitivity analysis and model calibration.
  • Flood risk analysis and management.
    Broad scale flood risk analysis. Reliability analysis of flood defence systems. Advanced sampling based methods. Impacts of climate change and socio-economic change on flood risk. Robust flood risk management decisions under uncertainty.
  • Coastal erosion prediction and appraisal.
    Simplified process-based modelling of coastal system evolution over extended time and space scales. Stochastic simulation of coastal cliff recession. Use of probabilistic information in coastal management. Impacts of sea level rise


Jim Hall is a member of the UK independent Committee on Climate Change Adaptation. In 2010 Jim was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering "for his contribution to the development of methods for flood risk analysis, which underpin approaches for flood risk management in the UK and internationally." He is now a member of the Engineering Policy Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Public Voice Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He was is a member of the panel conducting the Institution of Civil Engineer’s 2014 State of the Nation Infrastructure assessment.

Until 2015 Jim Hall was co-chair of the Global Water Partnership / OECD Task Force on the Economics of Water Security and Sustainable Growth. He leads the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium, which has developed the world’s first national infrastructure simulation models for appraisal of national infrastructure investment and risks. His book "The Future of National Infrastructure: A System of Systems Approach" will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2016.

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Theme Co-ordinator: Cities and Coasts


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