Jana Hofmann

PhD Researcher

Jana’s PhD thesis analyses if carbon offset projects are effective at delivering sustainable livelihood impacts to local communities in South Africa. The thesis aims to examine the current situation of the SA energy and carbon offset market. It focuses on sustainable development and the links between poverty, inequality and climate change technologies. The thesis uses a qualitative methodological approach to assess how local communities are affected by carbon offset projects. Jana examines what carbon offset projects offer beyond GHG emission reductions and implications they might have on the local communities. Jana obtained her MSc in Finance and Investment from Queen Mary University of London and BA (Hons) in Tourism with Business from University of Westminster in London. Jana also works as an independent carbon advisor in Cape Town advising companies on how to reduce their carbon footprint. She analyses projects’ impacts on local communities and verifies if they comply with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Link to the paper here.


Thesis supervisors: Oliver Springate-Baginski, Heike Schroeder, Britta Rennkamp


Research interest: Energy access in  Africa and beyond, Poverty, Gender equality, Sustainable livelihoods, Social impacts