James Graham

University of East Anglia

PhD researcher


Title: Governance of Systems Social of Social Practice for Sustainability
Supervisors:  Tom Hargreaves and Jason Chilvers
Affiliations: The Tyndall Centre and 3S

My research focuses on Social Practice Theory, specifically in the area of governance, where there is currently a research gap. To interrogate this I have used a semi-ethnographic case-study around a local construction project. Tracking the project through design, construction and handover, as well as the practices carried by those managing an inhabiting the buildings the object is to map the practices that take place into a system of practice around the buildings. This done, the next task is to look at where sustainability 'is' within the system, how it is transferred around and what it means in relation to different practices.

I'm currently in the process of analysing and writing up and looking to finish early in the new year.

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