Irina Rohrmueller

PhD Researcher

Irina is a PhD researcher in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. Her research is part of the ONE Planet Doctoral Training Partnership, funded by the Natural and Environmental Research Council (NERC) and explores the next generation of global water risk modelling.

Global hydrological models are a key tool for disaster risk reduction, operational forecasting and water management, and physically based models, new datasets and cloud computing provide an opportunity to understand risks under non-stationary conditions, such as climate and land use change. The aims of Irina’s research are to develop a global physically based hydrological model, to improve automated validation in areas with limited flow gauge data through use of alternative data sources, and to test a range of global and national climate and hydrological datasets to assess their suitability for global scale analysis.

Irina holds a BSc in Water Resource Management and an MSc in Hydrology and Water Management (Hydroinformatics). Moreover, she has four years of work experience in the field of computational hydrology, statistical analysis of river flood records and flood-frequency analysis, working for engineering consultancies both nationally and internationally.