Esmatullah Khyber

PhD Researcher

Esmatullah Khyber is a postgraduate researcher at the School of Global Development, University of East Anglia (UEA), focusing his research on international climate migration dynamics. With over seven years of relevant experience, Esmat has demonstrated expertise across a range of areas, including environmental project management, sustainability, climate change adaptation, and the implementation of net-zero goals. His impactful journey includes influential roles at esteemed institutions such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and pivotal positions within government agencies. Notably, Esmat co-founded a visionary society committed to advancing environmental education and outreach.

In 2021, Esmat embarked on his educational journey in the United Kingdom, pursuing a M.Sc. in Climate Change and International Development at UEA. Prior to this, he also earned a M.Sc. degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from IPB University in Indonesia. His academic foundation was laid at Kabul University, Afghanistan, where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Esmatullah Khyber is an ardent climate activist. His advocacy reached a global stage in 2022 when he represented UEA as a distinguished public speaker at World Speech Day, passionately addressing the imperative of climate justice. Esmat desires a career in climate governance, policy, research, and implementation of net-zero targets.

Research area: Climate-induced migration, environmental changes as a migration driver.