Emilie Vrain

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Emilie Vrain is a Senior Research Associate in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. As a social scientist, her research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods, analysing factors which influence the adoption of innovations. She currently works on the ‘SILCI’ project, exploring social networks, communication behaviour and information sources related to a range of consumer-facing low carbon innovations.

Prior to joining the Tyndall Centre, Emilie completed her DEFRA funded PhD at UEA which investigated the role of farm advice and influencing factors on the uptake of on-farm diffuse water pollution mitigation measures across four agricultural contexts in the UK. This work has contributed to UK agri-environmental policy and Emilie continues to inform post-Brexit strategies for environmental land management and farmer engagement.

She has particular interest and specialism in knowledge exchange, translating science for policy development and has most recently developed skills in social network analysis and designing complex online surveys.