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Dr Derek Clarke is Lecturer in Water Resources within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

Derek’s research covers a range of topics in water use in the UK and overseas, including extreme events such as floods, water resources, shallow groundwater, soil-vegetation impacts on slope stability for roads and railways and the management of irrigation water delivery. Other interests include simulation of tides and floods in estuaries and the impact of sea level rise on flood risk, including sea level change implications for the UK’s New Nuclear Build programme.

He led the team that wrote the first Windows version of CROPWAT, the United Nations’ standard design software for irrigation water use.

He is an active member of the EPSRC funded CLIFFs project (Climate impact forecasting for slopes). He was also a developer of the TRL Microcomputer Accident Analysis Package MAAPfive. Derek has also worked in Egypt, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Australia, where as an invited research fellow he worked with CSIRO on the impact of large irrigation systems (especially wine production) on the water resources of the Murray Darling Basin. During several visits to Kazakhstan he worked with an EU funded team working with UNESCO on the history of irrigation in central Asia over the last 1400 years

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