David Willis

Senior Research Associate

I started my career as researcher in gamma-ray astronomy (>100keV) and was involved in a number of Nasa missions (Swift, CGRO/BATSE), then moving to Geneva to represent the Max-Planck Institute for Extra-terrestrial Physics (Munich, Germany) as an Archive Scientist for the ESA mission INTEGRAL. My areas of specific interest were Monte-Carlo modelling, polarimetry and gamma-ray bursts (GRB).

From there I moved into medical physics, qualifying and registering as a Clinical Scientist. The relevant portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for medical physics being very similar to that of gamma-ray astronomy.  I worked at a number of hospitals mainly in radiotherapy but also in diagnostic radiology, radiation protection and ultrasound. During this time, I wrote bespoke software for monitoring radiation doses and was a contributing member of the Institute for Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) special interest group for Informatics and Computing, writing good practise guidance for writing software in a healthcare environment.

After 10 years in the NHS, I moved into MRI research in the medical school and am focussing on computational processing for a number of projects, image analysis and spectroscopy.

I am now a RSC funded programmer/scientist for Prof Corinne Le Quéré’s group, modelling the physical and biochemical processes in the ocean that affect the carbon sink and its reaction and effect on climate change. My primary area of research is to develop an ocean model of unprecidented complexity and resolution.