David Ockwell

University of Sussex

Senior researcher


Current Position
Research Fellow

Role at Tyndall
One of three coordinators of Tyndall’s “Development” research theme. This builds in particular on David’s work on low carbon technology transfer to developing countries which has informed the United Nations climate change negotiations, as well as the OECD Environment Directorate and the governments of the UK (Department for Energy and Climate Change and Department for International Development), India and Chile.

Research Interests
David’s research and teaching focuses on transitions to a low carbon economy from both top down and bottom up policy perspectives. This includes research on low carbon technology transfer to developing countries, work oriented towards understanding how to engage the public in low carbon behaviour change, and research on the limits to decoupling energy use from economic growth.

Selected Publications

Marshall, M., Ockwell, D. and Byrne, R. “Sustainable energy for all or sustainable energy for men? Gender and the construction of identity within climate technology entrepreneurship in Kenya”, Progress in Development Studies, DOI: 10.1177/1464993416688830

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