Corrado Di Maria


Corrado is a Professor in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. His broad research interests span environmental and natural resource economics, energy economics, the economics of growth and development as well as technological change. The key feature of his work is an emphasis on both theoretical and empirical aspects, as well as its policy relevance.

Corrado’s most recent research covers several aspects of the interaction between environmental policy and natural resource use, the taxation of exhaustible resources, emissions trading schemes and their efficiency-promoting features, the role of skills in the process of economic growth, and environmental policy in the presence of directed technological change. Students interested in any (or all) of these themes are welcome to get in touch to discuss the possibility of supervision.

Prior to joining the University of East Anglia, Corrado worked at the University of Birmingham, the Queen’s University Belfast, and the University College Dublin. He obtained his PhD degree from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, having previously studied in Rome, Milan and Vienna.

Corrado Di Maria

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