Clara Skuse

PhD Researcher

Clara Skuse works as a PhD researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science and her project is integrated into the Centre for Doctoral Training in NOWNANO. Her research investigates the use of nanomaterials to produce membranes which make clean water more accessible. The environmental sustainability of the developed membranes are investigated through a life cycle assessment, which is used to guide the laboratory experiments in order to make inherently environmentally sustainable membrane water treatment technologies.

She also works at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre where she helps the membrane team to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial-scale manufacturing. She brings her life cycle assessment principles to these applications to ensure that graphene membranes are commercialised in an environmentally conscious way. Clara is also particularly interested in science communication with the general public and is an outreach representative for the NOWNANO CDT.


Research interests:

Clara’s research interests focus on:

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Graphene oxide and 2D materials

Desalination and water treatment using membrane technologies

Environmental impacts of seawater desalination

Clara Skuse

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Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science

The University of Manchester

M1 3AL | United Kingdom