Clair Gough

Senior Research Fellow

Clair is a senior research fellow conducting interdisciplinary research with the Tyndall Centre since its beginning in 2000. Clair is a specialist in Integrated Assessment (IA) and approaches for the inclusion of stakeholders and lay publics in the IA process; her research has integrated technical and social science analyses, featuring the use of long-term scenarios and public and stakeholder participation in the context of energy and climate change. She has particular experience in carbon capture storage and bioenergy and CCS (BECCS).

Clair’s current research interests address the challenges of delivering net zero emissions, including the role of greenhouse gas removal approaches (GGR). Understanding the potential for GGR is critical to understanding how the net zero goal can be reached. Reaching net zero depends on ambitious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as close to zero as possible, as soon as possible, in all sectors; but where this cannot be achieved, the feasibility of net zero depends on the feasibility of GGR.  So as well as continuing to investigate the role of CCS in decarbonisation, Clair’s research aims to open up the discussion of GGR approaches, how they are represented in assessments and to better understand social, technical and environmental implications of GGR.

Clair Gough

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