Christina Demski

Senior Lecturer

Research Summary

Dr Christina Demski is an environmental social scientist with a background in psychology at Cardiff University. She is also an Associate Director of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) leading theme 1 of the research programme, which investigates the feasibility and social desirability of low-carbon futures. She is also part of the CAST team researching public deliberations around low-carbon futures at the Climate Assembly UK.

Her general research interests cover issues within risk perception and communication, specifically public engagement with complex socio-technical and environmental issues (e.g. climate change, energy transitions). Her work is shaped by a strong interdisciplinary perspective and the utilisation of mixed-methods to investigate public acceptance of environmental risk issues.

In recent years, her work has examined public values and acceptability of whole energy system transformations, including framing and decision- making with regards to energy futures, perceptions of costs associated with energy transitions, energy security and the role responsibility and trust play in informing public acceptance. She also has a complementary strand of research on public perceptions of climate change and low-carbon futures, for example investigating what role flooding experiences play for engagement with climate change and framing climate communication messages.

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