Christina Demski

Cardiff University


Research summary

My research interests can broadly be described as examining issues within risk perception and communication, and examining public responses to emerging and complex socio-technical issues. I have particular expertise in public attitudes and acceptability towards environmental and energy issues (eg climate change, energy security, renewable energy). This work is shaped by a strong interdisciplinary perspective using mixed-method research, although I have particular expertise in quantitative survey methods.

My recent and current projects include a focus on:

  • Public values, attitudes and  acceptability of whole energy system transformations, including framing and decision- making with regards to energy futures. This work has a whole systems focus including issues around supply (e.g. renewable technologies), demand (e.g. practices and behaviour) and governance (e.g. demand-side management).
  • Perceptions of costs associated with energy transitions, and the role responsibility and trust play in informing public acceptance.
  • Perceptions and acceptance of energy storage technologies and associated governance models
  • Public perceptions of climate change and low-carbon futures. This aspect of my research includes a broad set of projects including the role of flooding experience for engagement with climate change and framing climate communication messages.

I have received funding from the ESRC, UKERC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, and Welsh Government for this work.

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