Chris Kinally

PhD Researcher

Chris’ research focuses on addressing the growing volume of improperly managed toxic waste from off-grid solar PV products in sub-Saharan Africa. His project is focused on Malawi, a country heavily depending on off-grid solar as a strategy for increasing access to electricity. Chris is carrying out a life-cycle assessment study to quantify the environmental and human health impacts of off-grid solar waste, and carrying out a qualitative study to investigate circular economy solutions for proper waste management.

Chris has professional experience in designing and commercialising industrial-scale solar PV installations from working as a solar PV consultant. Chris also has academic experience in assessing solar PV in the context of a circular economy from completing the Renewable Energy and Clean Technology master’s degree at the University of Manchester.


Research Interests 

Solar PV

Circular Economy

Sustainable development

Thesis supervisor: Alejandro Gallego Schmid