Cherie Leman-Richardson

PhD Researcher

I am a second year PhD student researching ecocide in practice: how the ‘greening’ of international criminal law might work to circumvent environmental change and damage. The project focuses on how an amendment to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, with a 5th crime against the peace (ecocide) will impact on or limit degradation of the natural environment, with a specific focus on international corporations and various stakeholders.

Last year, I completed my masters of research with a dissertation project entitled: How Will Climate Change Impact the Human Rights of Coastal Communities Within the United Kingdom? This socio-legal research used qualitative data collection methods in the coastal community of Happisburgh, Norfolk which suffers from fast and accelerated coastal erosion.

I completed a degree in international law at the Nottingham Law School in 2014 and returned to study at the UEA in 2021 after securing a 1+3 scholarship from the law school (SSF).

Broadly, my interests are:

International criminal law

Environmental law

Human rights

Climate change litigation

Social justice