Charlie Russell

PhD Researcher

Charlie Russell is a PhD student at the University of East Anglia funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and the ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership. His research focusses on how different anthropogenic threats, including climate change, are impacting population trends of migratory birds in the Africa-Eurasia flyway. Using a combination of tracking data, remote-sensing and fieldwork this will help identify high-impact threat hotspots to inform international conservation planning and target future mitigation strategies.

Charlie holds a BSc in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Kent and a MSc in Applied Ecology & Conservation from the University of East Anglia, receiving awards for the highest dissertation and overall grades. He has also worked on in-situ conservation of vultures in South Africa for VulPro, and conservation policy for Natural England. He is the current blog editor for #theBOUblog and sits on the engagement committee for the British Ornithologists’ Union.