Cat Acheson

PhD Researcher

Cat is a PhD researcher at the University of East Anglia, based in the Science, Society and Sustainability (3S) Research Group. Her research explores sustainability-focused innovations in societal systems and in social practices, and how these two approaches can be linked up effectively. Working in partnership with Norfolk County Council, Cat’s research aims to investigate how Local Authorities can collaborate with the communities they support, to reduce household waste and promote sustainable consumption across the region. She is particularly interested in the intersection between waste-prevention initiatives and other areas of social justice, including gender equality, social inclusion and community care.

Before starting her PhD in February 2021, Cat worked at the University of London and led their flagship sustainability engagement programme, Reduce the Juice. Prior to this, she completed a graduate internship at Zero Waste Scotland with a focus on researching and influencing consumer food waste behaviours. In 2018 Cat graduated with a Masters degree in Environment, Culture and Communication from the University of Glasgow. She also holds a First Class degree in English Literature from the University of Glasgow.