Caixia Man

PhD Researcher

Caixia is a PhD candidate at the University of East Anglia and Southern University of Science and Technology. She received her bachelor’s in Public Administration at Sun Yat-sen University in 2014 and the master’s in Public Policy at Renmin University of China in 2018. Her research focuses on environmental governance, agrarian changes, and China politics.

PhD project title: Agricultural modernization and the (re)shaping of water governance in Shandong, China.

The aim of this project is to interrogate the interrelationship between agricultural modernization and neoliberal water governance based on a case study from Shandong, China. Drawing from the perspective of Political Ecology, this research is going to characterize neoliberal irrigation governance reforms in rural China, unravel institutional dynamics and power relations of “neoliberalizing water” embedded in the transformation towards modernized agricultural production, and probe their impacts on the reconstruction of  hydrosocial relations and rural waterscapes.