Avidan Kent

Associate Professor

Dr Avidan Kent (Cantab) is an Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia’s School of Law. Avidan has written/edited books, reports, journal articles and chapters on a varied list of topics, including International Environmental Law, Climate-Induced Migration, Public Participation, Renewable Energies, International Economic Law (mostly Investment Law and WTO Law), and international courts. He is the Founder and Convenor of UEA’s International Law Research Group, and a Fellow at the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law.

Avidan is interested in supervising PhD students in all areas of climate change law.


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Avidan’s full list of publications is available here.


Kent, Avidan; Kunuji, Valentine

The Investment-Sustainability Conundrum Under the USMCA: An Evolution? Journal Article

In: Vermont Law Review, 46 (2), 2021, ISSN: 0145-2908.



Kent, Avidan; Behrman, Simon

International Law and the Plight of Climate Refugees: Challenges and Future Prospects Book Chapter

In: Ahmad, Ali Nobil; Albert-Maas, Kirsten (Ed.): Climate Justice and Migration, Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2020.


Behrman, Simon; Kent, Avidan

The Teitiota Case and the limitations of the Human Rights framework Journal Article

In: Questions of International Law, 75 , pp. 25–39, 2020, ISSN: 2284-2969.


Kent, Avidan; Gehring, Markus

Investment law and the environment: Evolving international practice and norms Book Chapter

In: Techera, Erika; Telesetsky, Anastasia; Lindley, Jade; Scott, Karen (Ed.): Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law, Routledge, United States, 2020.