Andrea Mercado Guati Rojo

PhD Researcher

My current research aims to examine and understand public perceptions and attitudes toward the use of ammonia for energy power, distribution and storage, especially within future energy systems. Ammonia (NH3) is perceived, by some, as the crucial element for the switch to green energy alternatives due to existing knowledge, infrastructure and the versatility of this gas. Currently NH3 production is based on natural gas, which contains carbon. However, excess of renewable power can be used to split water to produce hydrogen, which can be then combined with nitrogen, extracted from air, to make ammonia.

This project will be carried out across Mexico and the UK, providing an opportunity to examine potential deployment of ammonia projects in two different contexts.

I hold a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy and Environment (School of Engineering) and Bachelor’s in Corporate Communication and Public Relations (Ibero-American University, Mexico).