Amin Vafadarnikjoo

University of East Anglia

PhD Researcher

I received my master's degree in Industrial Management-Operations Research (OR) and my undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering. I started my studies as a PhD Student at Norwich Business School (NBS) in October 2016. My research interests are mainly in the field of business analytics utilising a wide variety of OR methodologies such as multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) and Mathematical Programming with applications in Energy Security, Sustainability, Supply Chain Management and Logistics. 

Focusing on the UK electric power supply chain as a socio-technical energy system, my PhD study aims to provide a comprehensive framework for both risk identification and mitigation to improve sustainability of the UK electricity supply chain. It lies in the context of energy supply chain management and energy security applying business analytics. 

Research Interests:


Sustainability, Energy Security, Energy Supply Chain Management, Green Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Logistics, Decision Making under Uncertainty


Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), Mathematical Programming, Combinatorial Optimisation

Thesis Supervisors:

Professor Konstantinos Chalvatzis

Dr Tiago Botelho

Professional Affiliations:

Member of The Operational Research Society

Member of International Society on MCDM

Member of EUROMA (European Operations Management Association)

Member of ITOM (Innovation, Technology and Operations Management)

Reviewer of Journals and Conferences:

Reviewer for Measurement , International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making (IJITDM) , International Journal of Business and Systems Research (IJBSR), Journal of Cleaner Production ,Production Planning and ControlApplied Soft ComputingIndustrial Management & Data Systems (IMDS)International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE)International Conference on Environmental Contamination and Clean Technologies (ECCT 2016) The 2nd International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining (FSDM 2016)

Selected Publication:

Govindan, K., Khodaverdi, R., & Vafadarnikjoo, A. (2016). A grey DEMATEL approach to develop third-party logistics provider selection criteria. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 116(4), 690-722. LINK

Tavana, M., Kazemi, M. R., Vafadarnikjoo, A., & Mobin, M. (2016). An artificial immune algorithm for ergonomic product classification using anthropometric measurements. Measurement, 94, 621-629. LINK

Govindan, K., Khodaverdi, R., & Vafadarnikjoo, A. (2015). Intuitionistic fuzzy based DEMATEL method for developing green practices and performances in a green supply chain. Expert Systems with Applications, 42(20), 7207-7220.  LINK 

Further Publications: Google Scholar

My articles have been published in the following journals: Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE), Industrial Management & Data Systems (IMDS), International Journal of Operational Research (IJOR), Journal of Cleaner Production (JCP), Energy, Applied Soft Computing, Measurement


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