Alireza Fereydooni

PhD Researcher

Alireza is a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar at the UEA as part of the Critical Decade programme. He is broadly interested in renewable energy storage systems with particular emphasis on developing better Li-ion batteries with fast charging capability, high specific capacity, and extended lifetime.

He has always been fascinated by research which aims to create a fossil-free society by developing cutting-edge paradigms. In order to contribute to this goal, he has focused on renewable energy storage systems and opted for Li-ion battery technology as his Master’s project (2022) at Sharif University of Technology.

His current PhD project will involve synthesizing anode materials from agricultural waste as natural silica sources, a readily available, cheap, and derived from a sustainable resource. The prospective research will also include assembling Li-ion batteries with established production lines and investigating battery performance and its user features to achieve proliferation and intersectoral spill overs within the 2020s.