Alejandro Gallego Schmid

University of Manchester

Lecturer in Industrial and Material Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid works as a Lecturer in Circular Economy and Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment at the Department of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is part of Tyndall Manchester - an interdisciplinary team working on relevant research on climate change sustainability, where he works identifying sustainable solutions for industrial, water and energy systems on a life cycle and circular economy basis, taking into account economic, environmental and social aspects. 

Dr Gallego Schmid has published more than 40 scientific articles in international journals, have given more than 20 oral presentations in national and international conferences and Universities, has been awarded three research fellowships and participated as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator in 15 national and international scientific projects. He has been part of the scientific committee and session chair in several national and international conferences (e.g.  VIII International Conference of Life Cycle Assessment in Latin America).  His research work has been published in high impact factor journals (Q1) like Journal of Cleaner Production, Resource Conservation Recycling, Applied Energy, Water Research among others.

Alejandro has been a visiting fellow at the Universities of Girona and Almeria (Spain), is an associate member of The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), associate fellow of The Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), an associate member of The United Nations Life Cycle Assessment Initiative,  editor of a Special Issue in Resources, Conservation and Recycling, co-founder of the LCA for Circular Economy Plastics network, elected member of the IChemE Energy Centre Leadership Forum and leader of the Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure theme group of the Manchester African Research Network at the University of Manchester.


Research interests

Alejandro's research experience, both in industry and academia, has been focus on:

  • Circular economy
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Life cycle costing (LCC)
  • Social sustainability assessment
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis 

His current research is focused on the development of circular economy indicators and the assessment of the circularity and sustainability of energy generation and water use in developing countries.


Selected publications

Gallego-Schmid, A., H.M. Chen, M. Sharmina and J.M.F. Mendoza (2020). Links between circular economy and climate change mitigation in the built environment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 121115.

Aberilla, J.M., A. Gallego-Schmid, L. Stamford and A. Azapagic (2020). Synergistic generation of energy and water in remote communities: Economic and environmental assessment of current situation and future scenarios. Energy Conversion and Management, 207, 112534.

Schmidt Rivera, X., A. Gallego-Schmid, V. Najdanovic-Visak and A. Azapagic (2020). Environmental sustainability of valorisation routes for spent coffee grounds: from waste to resources. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 157, 104751.

Aberilla, J.M., A. Gallego-Schmid, L. Stamford and A. Azapagic (2020). Design and environmental sustainability assessment of small-scale off-grid energy systems for remote rural communities. Applied Energy 258, 114004.

Gaete-Morales, C., A. Gallego-Schmid, L. Stamford and A. Azapagic (2019). A novel framework for development and optimisation of future electricity scenarios with high penetration of renewables and storage. Applied Energy 250: 1657-1627.

Mendoza, J.M.F., A. Gallego-Schmid and A. Azapagic (2019). A methodological framework for the implementation of circular economy thinking in higher education institutions: Towards sustainable campus management. Journal of Cleaner Production 226: 831-844.

Mendoza, J.M.F., A. Gallego-Schmid and A. Azapagic (2019). Building the case for the implementation of circular economy in higher education institutions. Journal of Cleaner Production 220, 553-567.

Gallego-Schmid, A. and R.R.Z Tarpani (2019). Life cycle assessment of wastewater treatment in developing countries: A review. Water Research 153, 63-79.

Gallego-Schmid A., J. M. F. Mendoza and A. Azapagic (2019). Environmental impacts of takeaway food containers. Journal of Cleaner Production 211, 417-427.

Heyes, G., M. Sharmina, J. M. F. Mendoza, A. Gallego-Schmid and A. Azapagic (2018). Developing and implementing circular economy business models in service-oriented technology companies. Journal of Cleaner Production 177: 621-632.

Mendoza, J.M., M. Sharmina, A. Gallego-Schmid, G. Heyes and A. Azapagic (2017). Integrating Backcasting and Eco-design for the Circular Economy: The BECE Framework. Journal of Industrial Ecology 21(3): 526-544.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 161 306 8962

Twitter: @schmid_gallego

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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering University of Manchester HG1, Pariser Building | Sackville Street | Manchester | M13 9PL | UK