Adrian Martin

Professor of Environment and Development

I am a social scientist who specializes in interdisciplinary research to inform the management of natural resources in developing countries, particularly in relation to governance of protected areas, integrated conservation and development, participatory forestry and carbon forestry. Recent work has pursued four main themes. Firstly, conservation and environmental justice, including the potential for understanding normative values to support higher quality environmental decision making and to support conflict transformation. Secondly, the analysis of multidimensional wellbeing values to understand links between ecosystem services and poverty alleviation. Thirdly, the use of market-based instruments, including payments for ecosystem services, as a means to resolving trade-offs in environmental governance. Fourthly, and most recently, I am exploring the concept of ‘just transformations’ to sustainability, looking theoretically and empirically how environmental justice can be an effective vehicle for overcoming barriers to transformative change.