Webinar: Impacts and Risk Assessment to better inform Resilience Planning

We focus on methodological improvements to the assessment and projection of heat stress, drought and water stress, as well as risks to biodiversity, ecosystem services  and natural capital in the UK. Specific focus in given in IMPRES to the evaluation of heat extremes in the latest UK Climate Projections (UKCP18).  These improvements are being taken forward in the newly funded project OpenCLIM, which is also led by the Tyndall Centre.

Speakers: Prof Rachel Warren (Tyndall Centre, UEA), Alan Kennedy-Asser (University of Bristol) and Jeff Price (Tyndall Centre, UEA), with a response by  Gemma Holmes (Committee on Climate Change)

Chair: Jason Lowe (Met Office)


View Rachel Warren, Alan Kennedy-Asser and Jeff Price’s presentation slides

A recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel as four separate shorter films:

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