Tyndall events at COP 27

Achieving climate resilient development in Africa and Asia, November 9 16:45-18:15, Room 7 (150)

UEA Speakers: Dr Mark Tebboth and Dr Rachel Carmenta

Huge challenges remain for African and Asian countries to achieve development within the constraints of meeting increasing stringent mitigation goals and simultaneously adapting to current and future (climate) risks. We synthesise our research in Kenya, Namibia, Indonesia, India to extend IPCC’s AR6 Ch.18 on Climate Resilient Development Pathways. We spotlight risks and contexts including fire, hazard, blue carbon agriculture, and governance lessons towards socially-just and climate-resilient development.

Dr Mark Tebboth, Associate Professor in the Environment and International Development, School of International Development

Area of Expertise: climate change impacts/ adaptation to the impacts of environmental change / Migration in response to environmental change / Resilience and vulnerability/ Framing of contentious environmental issues/ Political ecology

Dr Rachel Carmenta, Lecturer in Climate Change and International Development, School of International Development

Area of Expertise: Political ecology/ tropical fires/ environmental justice/ bio-cultural approaches to natural resource management/ environment and human-wellbeing/ conservation and development


Global Carbon Budget Launch, November 11

An annual update of the global carbon budget and trends.

UEA Engagement: Prof Corinne Le Quéré, FRS and Royal Society Research Professor of Climate Change Science. Research/expertise: Interactions between climate change and the carbon cycle; the strength of the ocean uptake of carbon dioxide and how it evolves in a changing climate; emissions of CO2 and their socio-economic drivers; the impact of COVID-19 on carbon emissions.


Building Trusting Relationships — Leading the way Through A Historical Transformation, November 12 12:45-14:00, SDG Pavilion

UEA Speaker: Professor Heike Schroeder

Professor Heike Schroeder, Professor of Environmental Governance, School of International Development

Area of Expertise: Carbon Emissions, International Politics of Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change Governance, International Development


Shipping in a changing energy system -opportunities. Clean Energy Marine Hubs a value chain approach, November 15 13:15-14:45, Amon (150)

The changes to the global energy system to meet the Paris Agreement Goals will reshape shipping – from vessels to ports and fuel providers. The urgency of decarbonisation means shipping will be a leader as a user and enabler of low carbon fuels. Here the opportunities and challenges will emerge.

Speakers: Speakers: Prof. Alice Larkin, Tyndall Centre Guy Platten, ICS Roland Roesch, IRENA, Dr. Uwe Lauber, MAN Energy Prasoon Agarwal, CEM David Cummins, Blue Sky Maritime Coalition Meinhard Doelle, Dalhousie Univ


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