Our Activities during Green Great Britain Week

Our Activities during Green Great Britain Week
Our Activities during Green Great Britain Week

Saturday 13 October

Science of Science Communication Workshop – Asher Minns, Norwich Science Festival

Monday 15 October

European Launch of IPCC Special Report on 1.5C– Prof Rachel Warren, Imperial College, London

Public Engagement and Climate Change– Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh, Cardiff University and Asher Minns, UEA, Natural History Museum, London

Climate Chats and 1.5C Objects– Sarah Mander and Manchester University colleagues, Manchester Museum, Manchester

Climate Chat Street Scientists, Alistair Ford and Stephen Blenkinsop, Newcastle

Tuesday 16 October

Green Business Summit– Prof Corinne Le Quere, UEA, The Crystal, London

Thursday 18 October

Girls Night Out at Jodrell Bank– Prof Alice Larkin, Manchester University, Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield

Climate Question Time– Sarah Mander, Manchester University and Hayley Fowler, Newcastle University, Leeds

Wednesday 24 October

Smarter Travel – How will technology change future transport– Emma Cassar, UEA, Norwich Science Festival

Saturday 27 October

Goldilocks and the Three Temperatures: climate change and biodiversity – Jeff Price, UEA, Norwich Science Festival

Tuesday 06 November
Dippy the Diplodocus TourClimate Change Engagement Art|Science Workshop – Sarah Mander, Alistair Ford, Asher Minns, in Newcastle. Further details to follow.

Other Events


Event: Critical Climate Decade – Implications for Water Conference

we invite you to this interdisciplinary hybrid conference held in Norwich from noon on 22nd June until 13:30 pm 23rd June 2022, hosted by the University of East Anglia’s Water Security Research Centre, the Anglian Centre for Water Studies, and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.​