OpenClim project presents risks and adaptation findings at Westminster

The Open Climate Impact Framework project (OpenClim), an assessment of climate risks and adaptation needs in the UK, presented its findings at Central Hall, Westminster on the 29th of March.

Prof. Robert Nicholls presented the work of OpenClim. “It is a project, but it is also a vision. It goes beyond the August 2023 funding,” Robert said.

Some findings presented were about the risks of urban flooding and the future of agriculture in a warmer UK.

The OpenClim event happened on the same day as the launch of the new Adaptation report by the UK Climate Change Committee. In the open forum, Prof. Nicholls emphasise the need for adaptation investments from the UK Government and suggests prioritisation in order to focus the resources.

The event ended with a live performance by Stephen Scott-Bottoms. It was interactive one-man show about climate resilience that tackles difficult decisions about our uncertain future.

A Twitter thread covering the event live can be found here:



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