New report examines perceptions of climate change in Europe

The first and most in-depth analysis of climate change opinions in some of Europe’s largest countries has revealed an overwhelming belief that climate change is happening.

The report, conducted by Tyndall Centre researchers at Cardiff and international colleagues, reveals that the majority of people in four countries surveyed – UK, France, Germany and Norway – also support a range of different measures to combat climate change.

The survey of over 4,000 members of the public in countries which are central to climate policy explored opinions on climate change, climate policy and future energy options.

The survey was co-ordinated by researchers at Cardiff University in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart in Germany, Institut Symlog in France, the University of Bergen and the Rokkan Centre in Norway, and Climate Outreach in the UK.

Professor Nick Pidgeon of Tyndall Cardiff said ““With the recently shifting political mood in some countries, climate policy is now entering a critical phase. It is therefore even more important that the public’s clear support shown in this survey for the Paris Agreement in 2015 is carried through by policymakers across Europe and worldwide.”

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Steentjes, al. 2017. European Perceptions of Climate Change (EPCC): Topline findings of a survey conducted in four European countries in 2016. Project Report. Cardiff: Cardiff University.

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