New book: ‘Quantifying Climate Risk and Building Resilience in the UK’

The book ‘Quantifying Climate Risk and Building Resilience in the UK’ has been published.  The book summarises the £19m of research to improve the characterisation and quantification of climate risks, enhance understanding of the management of climate risks, and develop and delivery climate services.  The book brings together key research from the UK Climate Resilience programme, which includes contributions from Tyndall researchers

The book addresses the challenges of undertaking resilience research, including how to make the term ‘climate resilience’ usable and useful, co-producing research between academics, policy makers and practitioners, and engaging and communicating outside of academia.  It has been produced primarily for adaptation and climate change policy makers and practitioners, tasked with addressing current and future climate risks and building the UK’s climate resilience.

You can download the book here.

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