Global Carbon Budget events at COP27

Join us at the COP27 climate talks in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt for a wide range of events on the Global Carbon Budget, headed by former Tyndall director Prof. Corinne Le Quere.

November 8: Overshoot and what it means to exceed 1.5°C
Hosted by the IPCC, this event will feature Professor Richard Betts MBE, from the University of Exeter and the Met Office.
18:00 Egypt time (16:00 GMT), Science for Climate Action Pavilion

November 10 and 11: “The Earth Turns”
A drama production adapted from “We Still Have a Chance: 12 Climate Stories for 12 Days of COP27”, co-created by scientists, health professionals and artists in the UK and Egypt.
10 November at 14:30 Egypt time/12:30 GMT Room 4 of UN Blue Zone and 11 November at 17.00 Egypt time/15.00 GMT Peace Pavilion amphitheatre of the Green Zone

November 11: Global Carbon Budget 2022 Launch, UN Press Conference
The Global Carbon Project will reveal the latest trends in carbon emissions, and the ramifications for reaching our climate goals.
09:00 Egypt time (07:00 GMT) Press Conference Room, Luxor Taba Area

November 11: 2022 Global Carbon Project Carbon Budget, Scaling Solutions, and the Role of Agriculture
In the midst of a global food crisis and ongoing deforestation, this event will highlight cutting-edge research and solutions for food and agricultural systems.
16:45 Egypt time (14:45 GMT) Room Osiris

November 12: 2022 Global Carbon Budget: Results & Implications for Rainforest Nations & the Paris Agreement
11:00 Egypt time (09:00 GMT), Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) Pavilion

November 12: IPCC AR6 conclusions on water security and launch of the Expanded Water Tracker for National Climate Planning
At this event, a new global partnership will set out how every country can prepare for water security issues such as droughts and floods.
16:45 Egypt time (14:45 GMT), Room Hatshepsut

November 13: Global Carbon Budget 2022: Announcement Session at the World Climate Summit
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein, from Exeter’s Global Systems Institute, who leads the Global Carbon Budget, will discuss this year’s findings.
16:00 Egypt time (14:00 GMT), Park Regency, Sharm El-Sheikh

Please see the Green Futures website for more detailed information.

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