The Fracking Debate

While an entire ocean separates the UK from the US, when the issue of fracking arises, the great divide — philosophically speaking — narrows considerably.

Concerns about short-term and long-term impacts of horizontal drilling for shale energy are prevalent in both countries. According to a new study by Tyndall Centre researcher Nick Pidgeon and his colleagues from Cardiff University, key issues include the risk of water contamination as well as preferences
for renewable energy sources over fossil fuels to meet national energy needs.

“This — and other research we have conducted — shows that the public in both countries clearly want a move toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy system in the future,” said corresponding author Nick Pidgeon, a professor of environmental psychology at Cardiff University

“The results confirm that shale development is not compatible with that vision.”

Nick Pidgeon, Professor of Environmental Psychology, Director of the Understanding Risk Research Group

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