Postgraduate or postdoctoral research positions

Postgraduate or postdoctoral research positions. f you are interested in research within the four Tyndall Centre Research Themes (Accelerating Social Transitions / Overcoming Poverty with Climate Actions / Building up Resilience / Reaching Zero Emissions), please contact the member of academic staff whose research most matches your interests to discuss opportunities. We are always looking for highly motivated young scientists to join our research groups.

If you are interested in research opportunities and you cannot find a suitable PhD position or research position in these topic areas to apply for then please contact us to discuss. If you are a self-funded PhD student or you are considering research fellowship applications then do get in touch with us. We offer substantial help in mentoring prospective candidates and helping them prepare fellowship applications.

If you are interested in applying for Independent Research Fellowships within the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, we can help you identify appropriate funding schemes, arrange visits to discuss your potential research projects with our academics, assist you in preparation and provide feedback on your application, and provide support and mentoring during your fellowship if subsequently awarded. For further information on fellowships, please contact ro*************@ue*.uk.

University of Egypt Senior Research Associate.

Senior Research Associate

Tyndall UEA are advertising for a Senior Research Associate to contribute to a new EU project developing a cross-sectoral framework for socio-economic resilience to climate

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