Climate Art at COP26


Darkroom is a 10 minute sound and senses installation/show performed in complete darkness to a solo audience member.

Developed with and performed to Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research scientists in September 2021, with a resounding response of, ‘This must go to COP26!’.

We have worked with artists since our very beginning. For COP26 Klanghaus brings you Darkroom.

Darkroom is a solo audience performance show that is presented in complete darkness with a duration of approximately 10 minutes.

It is a sound and senses installation that uses a range of speakers, sound sources and sensory equipment positioned around a room.

The soundtrack is curated from a wide range of musical genres, sound effects and natural sounds ranging from intense sea to contemporary choral music and from footsteps to rock guitar, spatialised live in real time.

Book your experience at the Listen Gallery G4 0UP. It makes COP26 better for you.

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