A blueprint for integrated assessment of climate change

The Blueprint Project was set up to reach key decisions on how the Tyndall Centre will develop its plans for integrated assessment modelling over the years 2002 to 2005. The Blueprint Project now forms the first stage of the work carried out under the theme 1 flagship project on Integrating Frameworks. As a result of the work carried out under this project, the plans for integrated assessment modelling work have now been laid out and are under way. 
Thus, the Tyndall Centre is now taking a lead role in developing a next generation Community Integrated Assessment Model (CIAM) which will bring together climate models, socio-economic models, models of technological change, policy models, transport models, models of social behaviour and decision making, hydrological models, agricultural models, and models of climate change impacts such as biome shifts, human health and extreme events . During the past few months, vital decisions have been made regarding the questions the model will answer, the structure it will take and how it will be realised.

Rachel Warren