Portfolio screening to support the mainstreaming of adaptation to climate change into development assistance.

TitlePortfolio screening to support the mainstreaming of adaptation to climate change into development assistance.
Publication TypeTyndall Working Paper
SeriesTyndall Centre Working Papers
Tyndall Consortium Institution


Secondary TitleTyndall Centre Working Paper 102
Keywordsadaptation to climate change, development assistance, mainstreaming, Portfolio screening
AuthorsKlein, R., S. Eriksen, L. O. Naess, A. Hammill, T. M. Tanner, C. Robledo, and K. O'Brien
Year of Publication2007

The need to mainstream adaptation to climate change into development planning and ongoing sectoral decision-making is increasingly recognised, and several bilateral and multilateral development agencies are starting to take an interest. Over the past years at least six development agencies have screened their project portfolios, generally with two goals in mind: (i) to ascertain the extent to which existing development projects already consider climate risks or address vulnerability to climate variability and change, and (ii) to identify opportunities for incorporating climate change explicitly into future projects. As each portfolio screening was conducted independently, the broader lessons emerging from the screenings have not been systematically analysed. In this paper we assess the screening activities to date, focusing on both the results and the methods applied. Based on this assessment we identify opportunities for development agencies to expand their current focus on the links between climate and development. Most agencies already consider climate change as a real but uncertain threat to future development, but they have given less thought to how different development patterns might affect vulnerability to climate change. The screenings undertaken have shown the need to take a comprehensive approach to adaptation and its integration into development planning and sectoral decision-making, and a number of policy initiatives have been taken to promote such integration. We provide some initial guidance as to how portfolio screening can be carried out in a way that would allow agencies to assess systematically the relevance of climate change to their ongoing and planned development projects.

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