Coastal process simulator scoping study

TitleCoastal process simulator scoping study
Publication TypeTyndall Working Paper
SeriesTyndall Centre Working Papers
Tyndall Consortium Institution


Secondary TitleTyndall Centre Working Paper 73
KeywordsCoastal process simulator, scoping study
AuthorsWalkden, M.
Year of Publication2005

This working paper represents the outcome of a project scoping the potential for development of a series of quantified models driven by time series output from Global Climate Models (GCM) to allow analysis of coastal change. Such a Coastal Process Simulator (CPS) is needed to provide input to Tyndall’s Regional Coastal Simulator and other Tyndall projects. Since the CPS would be driven by GCM output the results would be consistent with other Tyndall outputs and nested within Earth System Simulators. This paper describes a preliminary view of the CPS, its content and structure, which are outlined in Figure 1, and the scientific approaches that might be used to construct it. Issues of model integration and uncertainty quantification are also considered. Such work should not proceed in isolation so potential linkages are described that would strengthen the work, these include: * Potential for external funding, * Uptake of Tyndall Phase 1 results, * Contemporary studies, * Interaction with potential Tyndall Phase 2 projects, and * Involvement with the coastal management processes.

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