The emergence of the geoengineering debate in the UK print media: A frame analysis

TitleThe emergence of the geoengineering debate in the UK print media: A frame analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPorter, K., and M. Hulme
Journal TitleGeographical Journal
Start Page342
Keywordsclimate change, Climate control, Framing, Geoengineering, Nature, UK media

Effective and just decisionmaking on geoengineering will require greater appreciation of the diverse ways in which people conceive of and relate to the idea of climate control. This study targets the UK national press as a domain in which to begin intercepting discourses of geoengineering forming within the UK. Frame analysis is conducted and the issue frames of Innovation, Risk, Governance and Accountability, Economics, Morality, Security and Justice are identified within the corpus of articles surveyed. These frames amplify different priorities and values, engaging a rich and diverse portfolio of attitudes to climate risks. Rather than being, as we envisaged, 'issue specific', the frames that emerged from our analysis are actually categorised most effectively according to 'generic' frames that could apply to a range of other issues. Underlying assumptions about the nature-human relationship are found to be an interesting influence on frame construction. Further research is needed to explore this relationship in wider cultural contexts. © 2013 Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers).

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