Sarah Becker

Cardiff University

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Role at Tyndall:
At the University of Cardiff I am conducting the qualitative analysis of focus group data which investigated people’s views on the energy transition in the UK. Specifically this research project will be examining what people think about who should pay for 2050, by looking at who is seen to be responsible for the energy transition and how it ought to be financed.

For my PhD at the University of Sussex I investigated to what extent climate change may act as a catalyst for questioning the current economic and political status quo. Firstly, I looked at the effects that the framing of individual behaviour change messages has on support for structural level change. Secondly, I conducted fieldwork in California to interview residents about their experience of the drought and examined how this affected (or not) their views on climate change.


Research Interests:
Perceptions of Climate Change and Energy Transitions

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Current Position
Post-Doctoral Researcher