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Hoi Wen
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Hoi Wen Au Yong is a Research Associate in International Development UEA, working on the socio-economic component of the Global Environment Facility Carbon Benefits Project to develop a web-based tool to measure, monitor and model greenhouse gas fluxes of land management practices. Her research focuses on developing methods to examine the drivers, barriers and tradeoffs of these practices, engaging with partners in Brazil, China, Kenya, Niger and Nigeria.
Hoi Wen has worked with Ecometrica to publish research that pioneered the use of a metric to measure the degree of additionality of Clean Development Mechanism projects rather than mere binary outcomes. She has worked on determining carbon equivalence emission reduction figures resulting from specific household behavioural changes.
Hoi Wen has also worked as a forest field researcher for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Singapore on a census of a forest plot in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for a comparative study analysing the effects of habitat fragmentation on plant growth and diversity.
She holds a MSc. in Environmental Sustainability with distinction from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc. in Life Sciences (Biology) from the National University of Singapore.


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