How to handle heavy precipitation and prevent flooded houses in Urban quarters?

How to fight the urban heat island effect in summer? How to make a city climate resilient? Climate impacts add to the many stressors cities are already exposed and infrastructure and the urban population are highly vulnerable to these impacts.

On the other hand, cities are also at the forefront of responding to the climate change challenge. By transforming their infrastructure, the way their systems function, or by the people changing their behavior. This encompasses more than reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts, it is the progressive process of building a resilient city.
A lot of people have been thinking about this and many city practitioners have been implementing solutions. The RAMSES partner Climate Media Factory has asked these experts to share their insights and lessons learnt. The result is a unique resource for municipalities:

Image Credit: "Brisbane City Floods" by Andrew Kesper is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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