New Executive Director for Tyndall Centre


The Tyndall Centre’s Directors and Council are pleased to announce that Asher Minns is its new Executive Director. This new leadership role has been created at the University of East Anglia to lead the Tyndall Centre’s operations and science communication and stakeholder engagement.

Asher is a specialist in climate research communication and returns to the Tyndall Centre from a two year Secondment as Head of Communication to Future Earth Europe, as well as leading the communication and stakeholder engagement of the EU-funded HELIX and CRESCENDO projects.

“My international working of the past few years has shown me how good the work of the people of the Tyndall Centre is, and how they are leaders of interdisciplinary and useful climate change research. Executive Director is a privileged role to hold with such great colleagues and ambition to make a difference” said Asher.

The Tyndall Centre was founded in 2000 and has made major and many contributions to international understanding of energy pathways, climate impacts and adaptation, governments' choices for responding to climate change, as well as the practical application of climate communication.

Asher joined the Tyndall Centre almost at its beginning, as its Communication Manager. Asher is also champion of effective public engagement around climate change, and enjoys joining-up artists and scientists.

The Tyndall Centre is this year renewing its research strategy for delivering the next 5 years of research impact for climate change science and policy. The UN’s Paris climate change Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals make the science and awareness raising of the Tyndall Centre even more important than in the past.

“When I began we were giving talks in community centres and at clubs and writing newspaper articles to raise awareness of climate change. In 2015 was the UN’s Paris Agreement, an astounding international achievement of science and policy. I am looking forward to working with my Tyndall Centre colleagues to continue to make a difference to benefit society and inform the choices we might make” said Asher.

Asher takes-up his new Executive Director role in time for the annual Tyndall Centre Assembly, which is this year at the University of Newcastle, bringing together the Tyndall Centre partnership of researchers and staff from 8 UK Universities. There is also a Tyndall Centre at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Asher will work in partnership with Tyndall Director Prof Corinne Le Quéré FRS, Strategic Director Prof Sir Bob Watson FRS, Deputy Director Prof Kevin Anderson and members of the Tyndall Council to deliver on our ambition to provide evidence to inform society’s transition to a sustainable low-carbon and climate resilient future.