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Naomi Klein in New Statesman on Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows’ research

"Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet?" Naomi Klein, the author of “The Shock Doctrine” and “No Logo”, discusses research by Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows of Tyndall Manchester

Energy efficiency providers urged to get 'foot in the door' of untapped home renovation market

Service providers are missing an important opportunity, by failing to develop products which target energy efficiency measures at homeowners considering renovating to improve the amenity features of their homes, according to a new University of East Anglia report.

Time to debate the two degrees target

A new paper explores how policy makers can work with the uncomfortable knowledge that the prospects for holding average global warming to below two degrees Celsius are rapidly decreasing.

Why we need to think differently about energy efficient renovations

Charlie Wilson of Tyndall UEA has written an entry for the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) website's blog about home renovation decisions.

Oxford special issue journal on Water Security, Risk and Society

Water security is a defining challenge for society, science and policy in the twenty-first century. The World Economic Forum has identified water supply crises among the top global risks for three years running.

IPCC report released in Stockholm

The fifth intergovernmental assessment of climate change reports today from Stockholm, the work of 250 authors incorporating thousands of comments from others. "Warming of the climate is unequivocal". "Human influence on the climate system is clear". 
Here are Tyndall Centre people commenting on the IPCC report.

UK Secretary of State at Tyndall Centre Fudan

Ed Davey, Head of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, delivered a speech at Fudan University to mark the ongoing and strengthening collaboration between Fudan and the UK Tyndall centre.

英能源和气候变化大臣访沪 探讨上海可持续发展 - Press Release (Chinese)

Urban climate preparedness in the UK

A new map by Oliver Heidrich at Tyndall Newcastle reveals how prepared UK cities are for climate change. The ability of cities to combat the cause of climate change and to adapt to future weather patterns depends on where we live in the UK, new research suggests.

Russia’s pivotal leadership

Maria Sharmina at Tyndall Manchester reviews a breadth of literature to analyze the politico-economic situation in Russia with regard to international climate change negotiations, related domestic policies, societal attitudes, and climatic change impacts on Russia’s territory.

Artists|Tyndall Newcastle

Artist Adam Chodzko has collaborated with Dr Claire Walsh from Tyndall Newcastle University to produce a work about the Toon Monsoon on 28th June 2012, the flash flood that hit Newcastle at the height of its rush hour.

Tyndall Assembly 2013: Scales of Action

John Ashton - Opening Speech
The UEA hosted this year's annual Assembly of the eight Universities of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, 11th September - 13th September.


The global benefits of stringent mitigation

Rachel Warren at UEA and the UK's AVOID programme team show that stringent mitigation avoids a large proportion of the climate change impacts projected for the 2080s and that not all the impacts can now be avoided. Adaptation is needed to avoid some of the potential damage.

‘Opening up’ geoengineering appraisal: Multi-Criteria Mapping of options for tackling climate change

New Tyndall Centre research article published with Global Environmental Change: ‘Opening up’ geoengineering appraisal: Multi-Criteria Mapping of options for tackling climate change


How the EU benefits UK environmental policy

Researchers at the Tyndall Centre have informed the UK Government’s Balance of Competences review of the many ways in which European Union (EU) environmental policy affects the UK.

British public overwhemingly supports a low carbon UK

A new report from the Understanding Risk research group at Cardiff University shows that the British public overwhelmingly supports a move away from fossil fuels towards a greater reliance on renewable energy production and a reduction in energy use.

Bob Watson contributes to Science paper

The British landscape is not being used to its best advantage according to a new report from environmental economists at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

ARCADIA Project Concludes

The Tyndall Centre's ARCADIA Project has now concluded, building upon the Tyndall Centre's Urban Integrated Assessment Facility.

Blog Competition - Climate Transitions PhD Conference: Winning Entry

Our delegates attended a science communication workshop run by Dr Warren Pearce, and were invited to enter an article into our blogging competition.

New paper exploring public perceptions of geoengineering in the UK

Tyndall Centre researchers from the Universities of Cardiff and East Anglia have published a paper titled "Messing with nature? Exploring public perceptions of geoengineering in the UK" in Global Environmental Change.

Major rethink needed if chemical industry is to meet greenhouse gas targets

The UK chemical industry requires 'an urgent and radical rethink' into how it produces chemical if it is to play its part in meeting the Government's stringent greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of 80% of 2050.