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ADAM policy conference and final report

The EU-funded ADAM project (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies) last week delivered its key findings in Brussels The final report highlights the key findings of the research. The final section summarizes the findings of two internal evaluations of the researchers' learning experiences within the project

Journalists portray developing countries as helpless victims of climate change

A new paper by Hugh Doulton and Katrina Brown at UEA analyses how the media represent climate change and international development

Why we disagree about climate change

New book from Professor Mike Hulme at UEA, Founding Director of the Tyndall Centre

China can achieve low carbon growth

China’s economy could grow more than 10 times by 2050 yet its emission growth can stay consistent with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 450ppm CO2 climate target says a Tyndall Centre research report being launched in Beijing on Wednesday 29 April. China can also reverse its emissions growth as early as 2020 - conclude Tao Wang and Jim Watson of Sussex University and the Tyndall Centre

Tyndall wins Scottish Award for Quality in Planning

The 2008 Royal Town Planning Institute Award was won by Glasgow and the Clyde Valley, Seb Carney of the Tyndall Centre, and the METREX Consortium for "outstanding performance and quality in development plans"

Global experts report on forests and climate change

Prof Neil Adger and Dr Anita Wreford helped to author the report on the adaptation of forests to climate change

Scrutinising the Climate Change Committee's emissions targets

While they welcome the Committee’s report as a step in the right direction, they demonstrate how it is based on highly optimistic assumptions and is in support of the UK buying over a quarter of its emissions reductions from poorer parts of the world and as much as 50% from the EU.

Low carbon society and global sustainability conference

The Japanese Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science at the University of Tokyo and the UK’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change announce a three day joint symposium on 19-21 May 2009 at UEA in Norwich.

EU emissions trading and aviation

The impact of the EU ETS on aviation emissions will be minimal unless it has an early baseline year and an overall cap in keeping with a cumulative emission pathway of 450ppmv

New power stations need an emissions standard

Jim Watson's, of Sussex University and the Tyndall Centre, new report is today featured by the Guardian newspaper

Polar warming caused by humans

Research led by UEA's Climatic Research Unit has demonstrated for the first time that human activity is responsible for significant warming in both polar regions