Tyndall Centre at COP19 Warsaw

Tyndall Centre events at COP19 include the Global Carbon Budget 2013 annual report, the launch of the online Carbon Atlas and a side-event 'Rising emissions and a Radical Plan for 2 degrees'  (Slides Available here) hosted by the Tyndall Centre and CICERO.

Estonia side-event - Saturday 16 November. Aviation and shipping impacts on developing economies. As Market-Based economic Measures (MBS) raise the costs of aviation and maritime transport, they impact economies due to increased prices for passenger travel and exported and imported goods. The main objectives of this study are: (i)  Assess the economic impacts of a number of MBMs on selected case study countries and globally; and (ii)  Determine the possible, and most effective and efficient tools to address or reduce these impacts, where they are deemed undesirable. The study focuses on a selection of case study countries which, based on their economic structure, were anticipated to be negatively impacted by MBMs for international shipping and aviation. The speakers are Dr Annela Anger-Kraavi, Cambridge University and University of East Anglia; An equitable and effective approach to addressing international transport emissions: Mark Lutes, WWF; Chair: Henry Derwent, Climate Strategies. Saturday 16 November, 3:30pm EU Pavilion

Global Carbon Budget 2013 Tuesday 19 November
Global Carbon Project releases its latest annual report of the Global Carbon Budget - the most up to date information on natural and human influences on the carbon cycle. Professor Corinne Le Quéré, Director of the Tyndall Centre, led the report, in collaboration with many researchers around the world. www.globalcarbonproject.org/carbonbudget

Carbon Atlas Online Tuesday 19 November
The launch of the new Carbon Atlas by the Global Carbon Project, where everyone online can check their own country’s emissions.

COP19 side-event Wednesday 20 November
At COP, the Tyndall Centre and CICERO are hosting a speaking event - Rising emissions and a Radical Plan for 2 degrees. The speakers are Prof Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Manchester; Dr Glen Peters, CICERO, Oslo; Prof Pierre Friedlingstein, University of Exeter; Dr Alice Bows-Larkin, Tyndall Manchester; Dr Roisin Moriarty, Tyndall UEA.  If you are at COP, it is Wednesday 3pm, Wroclaw Room, 20 Nov.

COP19 exhibition stand 18-22 November
The University of East Anglia and the Tyndall Centre has an exhibition stand at COP, where participants and delegates from around the world can come and talk about our and their knowledge and research.

Radical Emissions Reduction Conference, London, 10-11 December
To follow-up on COP outcomes and the recent IPCC report on climate change, we are hosting The Radical Emission Reduction Conference to search for new knowledge on how to reduce emissions by about 8% per year and 60% over the next decade. The Radical Emissions Reduction Conference is at the Royal Society in London, 10-11 December. More here http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/radical-emission-reduction-conference

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