Shipping and carbon emissions special issue

Carbon Management has published a focus on Shipping and carbon emissions: a focus on mitigation. It is guest co-edited by Alice Bows of the Sustainable Consumption Institute and Tyndall Centre Manchester and features contributions led by Kevin Anderson, Ruth Wood and Sarah Mander.

Tristan Smith of UCL Energy Institute is the second guest editor.
The range of papers assess the opportunities for both incremental and systemic change within the shipping sector, as well as emphasizing how the complexity of the shipping system places limits and barriers in the way of progress.

All sectors need to reduce carbon emissions, urgently and significantly, if the commitments to climate change that governments have signed up to are to be realised,” Alice Bows told Future Science, the publisher of Carbon Management “the shipping sector is no exception to this, and this mini-focus issue coalesces some of the latest thinking about both the problems faced, and potential solutions available, to decarbonise emissions associated with ships and international trade”.

As GHG emissions from freight transportation are expected to increase 25% by 2030, this special issue plays a critical role in presenting key studies that focus on the emissions implications of evolving trends within the shipping industry,” said Elena Craft, Health Scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund (NY, USA) and co-author on one of the featured themed papers.
Here is a summary sheet on:
'Decarbonising the UK energy system and the implications for shipping'  by Sarah Mander and Alice Bows
'Executing a Scharnow turn: reconciling shipping emissions with international commitments on climate change' by Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows
Full Editorial - 'The Low Carbon Shipping Forecast - opportunities on the high seas' by Alice Bows and Tristan Smith
Full Paper - 'Policy Update: A one-way ticket to high carbon lock-in: the UK debate on aviation policy' by Ruth Wood, Alice Bows and Kevin Anderson
The edition of Carbon Management is free online
Also see:
Aviation and Shipping Privileged - again? by Alice Bows, Michael Traut, Paul Gilbert, Sarah Mander, Conor Walsh and Kevin Anderson
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