Aviation and shipping privileged – again?

The ongoing exclusion of aviation and shipping emissions from UK carbon budgets further tests the veracity of the Coalition’s claim to be the “greenest government ever” claim the authors of this new Tyndall Centre Briefing Note.
The Climate Change Act 2008 sets short-term budgets for reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, and has enshrined in law a target of reducing emissions by 80% by 2050. The Act notes that emissions from international aviation and shipping should be included in this 2050 target by the end of 2012, or that if the Government of the day decides not to include them, it must explain its decision to Parliament [1]. The Act also required the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to publish its advice on the inclusion of emissions from international aviation and shipping in the spring of 2012. The CCC concluded that not only should they be brought into the 2050 target, but also into the UK’s short-term emission budgets [2].
The UK Government has now taken the decision to exclude these emissions for the time being, deferring a decision on inclusion until the setting of the 5th budget in 2016. Uncertainty on the inclusion of aviation within the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme is given as the reason for delay, a reason supported by the CCC. This briefing note presents arguments supporting the CCC’s original advice and opposing the recent Government decision.
Aviation and Shipping Privileged - again? by Alice Bows, Michael Traut, Paul Gilbert, Sarah Mander, Conor Walsh and Kevin Anderson
Tyndall Centre Briefing Note 47

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4 years 13 weeks ago