08. Communicating Climate Change

Communicating Climate Change: achieving richer public engagement

Wednesday 28 March 2012 - Challenges to Progress, 10:30

Room 11

Chaired by Asher Minns, Joe Smith and Lorraine Whitmarsh

Convenors: Asher Minns, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research; Joe Smith, Open University; Lorraine Whitmarsh, Cardiff University

We explore across disciplines and cultures the relationships between science, media and public engagement and what we can do to improve deliberation of climate change. How can we enhance interest? How can we be effective in communicating what is and is not known? What forms of communication best support understanding and inclusive debate, and above all action?

Risk communication and climate change: how Brazilian scientists deal with opportunities and challenges to communicate and engage public

Dr. G. Marques Di Giulio1; Dr. L. Costa Ferreira1; 1University of Campinas, Brazil

Climate justice: A vital media narrative?

Dr. J.J. Johannessen1; 1University of Bergen, Department for information and media science, Norway 2University of Cape Town, Centre for Film and Media Studies, South Africa

Nantes' "Climate Workshop": 150 Households Invited To Improve The Local Climate Change Strategy

Mr. Y. MATHIEU1; Dr. M. JAHNICH1 , 2; Prof. J. FERRANDO Y PUIG1 , 3; 1Missions Publiques, France 2Wanacôme, France 3University of Evry – Val d’Essone, France

The roles of ‘tone of voice’ and uncertainty when communicating climate change information

H. Haddad1; Dr. T. Morton1; Dr. A. Rabinovich1; 1University of Exeter, UK

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